Uncontested Divorce in Arizona, a Quick Divorce Solution

Uncontested Divorce: How to Get a Quick Divorce in Arizona with the Best Results for You

In most instances, an uncontested divorce will take less time to resolve through the courts, as it will not require that the divorce go to trial. Nonetheless, you will still need qualified, experienced legal representation to ensure that things like spousal support and child custody work out in a manner that is best for all parties involved, including any children you may have with your spouse.

Let’s take a look at how long an uncontested divorce in Arizona takes, and what else you need to be aware of before proceeding with your dissolution of marriage.

How Long Does an Uncontested Divorce in Arizona Take?

In the state of Arizona, in most instances, whether children are involved or not, an uncontested divorce will not take more than between 60 and 120 days to complete after the initial 60-day waiting period. Initially, there will always be a 60-day waiting period at the front-end of any Arizona divorce. This is known as a “cooling off” period and has been put in place to ensure that both parties involved in the divorce are entirely sure of the decision they are about to make to dissolve the marriage.

The a 60-Day Waiting Period for Uncontested Divorce in Arizona: Time for Marital Counseling

The divorce laws in Arizona are set up for this 60-day waiting period because the courts want to make sure that either or both spouses get the free marital counseling they want before the marriage is dissolved. This counseling is offered as a free service by the mental health providers working in concert with the courts as a method of guaranteeing that both spouses are in total agreement that the marriage is over both mentally and emotionally.

Either spouse may request marital counseling as part of their dissolution of marriage in Arizona, and it will occur within the initial 60-day waiting period in an effort to resolve the issues that arose in the marriage that made divorce appear to be the best and only way to resolve the differences between spouses. When both spouses agree — either with or without the counseling — to move forward with divorce, this will be considered an uncontested divorce in Arizona.

When an Uncontested Divorce Turns Into a Contested Divorce in Arizona

When both spouses agree from the beginning of the divorce proceedings down to the end of the divorce, this is considered an uncontested divorce in Arizona. It means that there will not be any need for the dissolution decree to evolve into a civil court case, and in general, it typically means that the process runs more smoothly and resolves more quickly.

An uncontested divorce also means that both spouses agree on any settlement(s) that are reached — but if at any point that changes, and one or both spouses disagree on any of the key elements of the divorce, and that ends up requiring expert witnesses to be called for financial or family matters, that divorce will turn into a contested divorce in Arizona, and this can take a year or more to completely resolve through the courts.

Getting an Uncontested Divorce: Consent Decree for Dissolution of Marriage in Arizona

After the initial 60-day waiting period is over, you can then submit an uncontested divorce decree, otherwise known as an Arizona consent decree for dissolution of marriage. In this instance, both spouses have agreed to every financial and child custody aspect of the divorce, and you can expect for the divorce to be completely final within 60 to 120 days.

The Arizona courts want divorce settlements to be easy to reach and agree on, so they can be drafted relatively quickly and easily — however, if you do not have the assistance of a highly experienced Arizona divorce attorney when drafting your dissolution of marriage agreement, you may not get what is fair in terms of what you want in need in child support, child custody, or spousal support — whether you’re paying or receiving. What’s more, a seasoned uncontested divorce attorney in Arizona will be able to help you customize the terms of your divorce settlement, ensuring that your unique needs are met by the agreement — something you will not be able to do without a divorce attorney.

Barreda Law Firm: An Experienced Attorney for a Quick Divorce in Arizona

Despite the 60-day waiting period rule in Arizona, the right Maricopa County divorce lawyer can help expedite your divorce so that it only takes another 45–60 days — something that cannot happen without the necessary experience and knowledge of Arizona family law.

If you’re ready to be divorced and feel it will be possible to obtain an uncontested divorce with your spouse, the Barreda Law Firm can help you realize that possibility with a quick divorce in Arizona. To learn more and to get your free divorce consultation, call our kind and knowledgeable legal team today by dialing (480) 438-8014.


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