Two of the most crucial aspects of getting an Arizona divorce involving children are child custody / parenting time and legal decision-making on behalf of your children. Whether you're concerned about where your children go to school or worship, or you want to be counted in when it comes time for your child to be seen by a doctor or specialist, then how a judge rules in terms of your legal decision-making matters.

Also known as child custody, legal decision-making gives you legal rights to make these critical decisions about your child, and it gives you the legal voice you need to ensure your choices are heard. Beyond decision making abilities, you also want to ensure that you get the time with your child necessary for bonding — in court, this is called visitation, but it can mean anything from spending weekends or afternoons with your child all the way up to what is known as fifty-fifty custody, when parents share equal time with the child(ren) they have together.

3 Common Topics of Child Custody / Legal Decision Making / Parenting Time

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Parenting Time in AZ: Get What’s Fair and What’s Best for You and Your Child

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