Order of Protection During Divorce in Arizona

Under Arizona Revised Statute 13-3602, an order of protection can be served to keep someone from doing harm to another person or to keep them from harassing another person or any group of people. If, based on the circumstances of a recent divorce or other legal action, you feel you need an order of protection, the Barreda Law Firm can help.

Order of Protection in AZ: How the Courts Handle Them, and How Fast You Can Get One

In Arizona, orders of protection are typically handled pretty quickly by the courts, and in most cases, when you petition for an order of protection in the state of Arizona, you can be given the order on the same day. Any Arizona court can review your petition for such an order and issue the order on the same day, but this may not always be the case.

What’s more, you may get a better ruling in a court that’s different from the one you may be inclined to go to based on where you live, so getting in touch with an experienced Arizona family law attorney can help to ensure that you get the best order of protection in the quickest amount of time, especially if there is domestic violence involved in your case.

AZ Order of Protection: Who the Order Can Apply To

In the state of Arizona, an order of protection is used to help you seek protection from a person who you now live with, or a person you have lived with in the recent past. This person may be a member of your immediate or extended family, or it may be someone like a current or ex-spouse who you need protection from being exposed to or being harassed by.

In the state of Arizona, orders of protection are most commonly filed against:

  • Someone you have had or who you currently have a sexual or romantic relationship with
  • Someone with whom you share a child or children from a previous marriage or unwed romantic and/or sexual relationship
  • Someone who is your immediate relative, or someone who is the immediate relative of a spouse, ex-spouse, or soon-to-be-ex-spouse
  • Someone who is a parent, grandparent, brother-in-law, mother-in-law, other in-law, or your sibling

In Arizona, an order of protection may also be filed against any other person, regardless of the relationship you had or have with them, who you have cohabited with or with whom you currently co-habitate with, not just a person who you have had a sexual or romantic relationship.

We Value Your Safety and Understand the Critical Importance of Your Order of Protection

At the Barreda Law Firm, we work with people just like you every day, and we know exactly how important it can be to obtain an order of protection swiftly and with ease. We can help get your order of protection petition reviewed and passed on the same day so that you can rest easy knowing you are protected by the law.

Your safety and wellbeing are vitally important and feeling safe and protected against those who mean to do you harm is a big part of your wellbeing. That is exactly why we work as hard as we do on orders of protection, to get you the same day results you need to have the sense of security you deserve.

Let’s begin the petition for your Arizona order of protection today. Get started with a quick and simple and completely free legal consultation with our team of expert legal staff by calling Barreda Law (480) 438-8014 today.

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